Alligator snapping Turtle threatens Entire German village

A German village is building a large trap for an animal that threatens them. It isn’t a Lion or Tiger, or any wild animal that they are afraid of. It is a water living Turtle that makes an entire village to up and fight. It is not just a normal turtle, but a sharp toothed Alligator snapping turtle, that can cause a severe damage to human when it attacks. The villagers came together to build a rake to capture the turtle.
Andreas Lieb, Mayor of the Bavarian town of Irsee, commissioned the equipment after an eight-year-old boy’s Achilles tendon was snapped while he swam in nearby Oggenreider lake earlier this summer.

Alligator Snapping Turtle
Alligator Snapping Turtle

Doctors concluded that the injury had been caused by the sharp beak of an Alligator snapping turtle, but in the seven weeks since the incident the creature has not been seen.

Mr Lieb said people had been searching three to four times a day for the animal, which has been nicknamed Lotti, without any luck, but it is thought to have evaded them by concealing itself in the muddy floor of the lake.

The waters have already been dredged away and the mud searched by hunting dogs without any result. An electric fence and traps set up around the perimeter have failed to catch the reptile.

Now Mr Lieb has come up with a new plan. “We’ll get her out of the sludge with a giant rake,” he told the Bild Newspaper. “If an Alligator snapping turtle has really hidden itself in the slime, we’ll get it.”

Hans Kohlhund, the village’s 75-year-old blacksmith, has reportedly been ordered to build the contraption which is expected to be ready for use by the end of this month.

The metre-wide, wrought iron device will be used to churn up the 16,000 square metres of the lake floor and force Lotti out into the open, according to English language newspaper The Local.

Mr Lieb added that, if Lotti is found, she will be not be harmed. “The teeth shouldn’t be pointed, but blunt so that the creature isn’t hurt,” he said.

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