China launches campaign to save Sharks

For people in mainland China, the fins of a shark are a favorite dish. And hence hunting of shark is robust in and around the Chinese water bodies. The Government of China understating that such mass killing of sharks would result in the species becoming extinct, has launched a campaign to save Sharks in partnership with WildAid to reduce the demand for Shark Fin dishes. The campaign called as “I’m FINished with Fins”, saw people along with celebrities take pledge not to eat Shark Fin anymore.

When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too

Following WildAid’s “When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too” campaign, led by Yao Ming and the Chinese government’s 2012 ban on shark fin soup at official functions, “I’m FINished with Fins” will continue to raise awareness that saying “no” to shark fin soup is socially acceptable. The campaign will be primarily promoted online through China’s burgeoning social media platforms.


Large decrease in demand recorded

According to the South China Morning Post, the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong reported that shark fin imports have reduced from 10,292 tons to 3,087 tons from 2011 to November 2012; over a 70% decline. Additionally, the chairman of the Hong Kong-based Shark Fin Trade Merchants Association told the South China Morning Post “the whole industry has recorded a 50% decrease of sales in the last year…mainly due to the omnipresent advocacy by green groups.”

“CCTV and other Chinese media have helped to reduce demand and cut the financial incentive to kill and fin sharks. The government set a leadership role through the media and by banning shark fin at their official events, which is now being adopted by Hong Kong and we hope will be emulated throughout Asia,” said Peter Knights, WildAid’s Executive Director.

“I’m FINished with Fins” was originally launched by Shark Savers in partnership with WWF-Hong Kong, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, and WildAid in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The campaign is currently seeking 100,000 Hong Kongers to pledge through an online platform not to consume shark fin soup.

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