Effect of shrinking forests

As we all know forests are shrinking day by day, and because of shrinking forests the animals at times come towards cities, towns and villages near by. A recent incident happened in Gatlinburg Tennessee USA when a black bear was seen roaming on the streets of the city where people where shopping every body was amazed to see the black bear roaming around without any fear. People started clicking his photographs and started making his videos the video was so viral that it became world wide news very quickly.

bear 1

Shoppers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee get a surprise when a black bear trots down the street and uses a pedestrian crossing to escape to the woods.

A black bear lost in Gatlinburg, Tennessee surprised shoppers when it was spotted wandering the streets of the mountain resort.

More intrigued than frightened, passers-by can be seen filming and photographing the animal as seeks a route back to the woods.

The bear weaves in and out among shoppers on the pavement before spotting its escape route.

Making a dash for a pedestrian crossing, the animal safely crosses the road and scampers back into the wilderness.


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