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Costa Rica has so many attractions it is mind boggling. Tourism is the country’s main income source and they make it worth your every penny. Searching for personal reflection, adventure on the high sea, sports, or spectacular natural attractions, Costa Rica has all that and much more. Check out a few of the Costa Rica destinations below to ensure you’ve experienced a variety of what this amazing country has to offer.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This 26,000 acre reserve is comprised of tropical rainforest and innumerable species of wildlife. The astonishing biodiversity makes it possible for more than 3000 species of animals and plants to flourish. Not only animals but an overabundance of plant life grows here as well. Vines, orchids, ferns and lush flora and fauna fill virtually every inch of these fertile lands and reach high into the sky over towering trees.

Monteverde_puente Costa Rica
Pciture Courtesy of Author: Haakon S. Krohn

The Monteverde Nature Center and Butterfly Gardens offer numerous educational nature exhibits. A superfluity of multiple species of butterflies amidst more than three acres of replicated natural habitats gives visitors a chance to understand the entire life process of these graceful and important creatures.

The temperatures and humidity of life in a mountain town makes it possible to develop some of the world’s most delicious cheeses. The Monteverde Cheese Factory is known throughout the world for its meticulously cured cheeses and supplies much of the country. They offer tours and exhibits on how the succulent cheeses are made and packaged for sale.

Arenal Volcano

Costa Rico is known across the globe for its active volcanoes. The Arenal is towering, imposing and strikes a bravura and stately figure for visitors at 5,437 feet. While dormant for the past 40 years, this volcano has a lurid history of major and minor eruptions affecting the lives of the townspeople for centuries.

The last major eruption was in 1968 which buried three villages beneath its fiery lava and killed 87 people before it was over. Smoke and lava continued to erupt daily, though not to such a violent extent, until 2010 when the great giant fell dormant.

There are numerous activities and attractions to enjoy at the foot of this volcano. Hiking, fishing, and boating are among the most popular but only the beginning. The geothermal energy under the volcano formed many hot springs throughout the area. They are popular spots for the tourists to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

There are several hot spring locations, each with very unique attributes. Some have swim up bars and others have both hot and cold pools. Some have waterslides and others a virtually secluded, excepting only a small number of visitors a day to preserve its privacy.

Golfing In Costa Rica

There is certain contentment to playing golf surrounded by flourishing rainforests, swinging monkeys, and in view of noble volcanoes. Costa Rica is rife with magnificent golf courses. Each has very specific amenities and attributes.

The Reserva Conchal Resort has a spectacular golf course for its members and visitors. Each nine runs through a stunning course of waterfalls, lush greenery and abundant flora and fauna. It is a 71 par championship course that offers challenging courses as well as beginners. Play through lakes and ravines as well as manicured Bermuda grass greens.

The Hacienda Pinilla is another resort with an all-inclusive 72 par golf course. Designed by Mike Young, one of the finest golf course designers in the United States, this course is more than 7000 yards of stunning greenery, lush landscape, falling waterways and exquisite landscaping.

The Four Seasons courses are all in the Guanacaste area and offer testing specialized layouts. The infamous Arnold Palmer designed this par-72, 18 hole championship course, rated among the top 100 courses outside America. The course begins atop a high plateau overlooking clear, azure waters for a stimulating start.

Ox Carts in Costa Rica

Ox carts and yolks are considered a national art form in Costa Rica and a symbol of their traditional means of transportation. The world’s largest ox-cart, four meters in height and six in length, is located in Costa Rica, made by the country’s most reputable artisans and painters in 2006.

Costa Rica Eco Tourism

Costa Rica is a certified sustainable, ecotourism destination. Sustainability means that Costa Rica is dedicated to using its tourism resources in a way that will perpetuate it’s assets for years to come, helping future generations of both humans and wildlife.

Costa Rica Eco Tourism
Phto Courtesy of: Charles H. Smith, vergrößert von Aglarech

The ecotourism is apparent in the fact that the country comprises only .03% of Earth’s surface but is in the top 20 most biodiversified countries. You can find more species of plants and animals in a small 1,000 acre track of Costa Rica than in the same amount of space in Brazil or even Columbia.

Costa Rica is a wonderland of wildlife and the amazements of Mother Earth. Each destination in this amazing country offers a plethora of modern luxuries and activity surrounded by lush green landscapes and amazing plant and animal life.  Any place you visit will leave you in awe with a deeper understanding of the gifts this planet offers.

Costa Rica – By Kelly Banaski Sons

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  1. I’ve never been to Costa Rica and this post makes me want to get there right away. I’ll definitely refer back to this post when it’s my turn to travel. I don’t like to golf, but I’d be interested in everything else you posted.

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