Renting a luxurious yacht is similar to a holiday in a floating caravan

Planning to go on a holiday with lots of money?? You should think of cruise holidays or you could plan to hire a private yacht for your family. This way of stylish Holiday is quite luxurious as many of the yacht come with all the usual stuff – such as pool fun, sports, high ropes and great kid clubs. Plus it’s got plenty of restaurants, bars and choice of bedrooms – from standard and family, to swim-up rooms with a pool outside and deluxe which have the full works. Apart from yacht or cruise holidays you can also opt for caravan holidays. Caravan holidays are like camping holidays which I believe every person would Love to do.



If you had unlimited wealth would you really want to spend your holidays on a yacht?

I was in St Tropez recently which is full to bursting with very rich people on very big yachts; actually bigger than very big – these ocean-going behemoths were massive. So big, in fact, that many of the yacht captains had to tackle the large right-angled exit out of the harbour in stages

And I thought then: what’s so great about being on a yacht?

In case you suddenly get very rich, bear what I say next in mind: yachts are caravans. Admittedly they are big, plush, well appointed caravans which can go to sea – but at the end of the day a yacht holiday has much in common with a caravan holiday.

No privacy: You can’t get away from people either on or off the yacht. Imagine, say, you’re Simon Cowell: on board you have to go to breakfast and have coffee (probably with UHT milk like you do at a caravan site) with Sinitta and other people you invited along on your holiday in a moment of weakness – and they’are all, like, right on top of you. No chance even of going out for a walk to get away from them. And on board you have to make annoying chit-chat with all the crew (who probably hate you).

Once you’re tied up in St Tropez you have to run the gauntlet of paparazzi and crowds of gawping tourists whenever you have to pop ashore for tea bags, a sliced white and 10 Bensons.

It’s eye-gougingly expensive: Owning a big yacht, as someone said, is like standing in a cold shower tearing up wads of £50 notes. Apart from the weekly crew cost and diesel fuel and other running costs (somewhere near £150,000 week for a big boat), there are the astronomical costs of berthing (expect to pay around £3000 per day in St Tropez).

Very rich people are a bit dull: You get to be a billionaire by never having much fun (on your battle to the top, for example you never have time to go on holiday). As a consequence rich people, even rich people from the entertainment business, have little idea what to do on their holidays.

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