Read while you Run, with Run-n-Read!!

Every morning we spend some time for our treadmill, and some more to grasp a bit of daily newspaper. What if, if we could combine them together? Reading while jogging is considered impossible until Weartrons came up with this innovative idea. Their idea is very simple, the text on your mobile’s screen will jog along with your head. All with a help of a little wearable device called Run-n-Read.


Run N Read device
This smart device can be clipped either to your headband or you tshirt

 Weartrons, a group of New York-based developers, has created a fitness tracker called Run-n-Read that lets you read as you jog- it clips onto a headband or shirt collar and tracks the runner’s head and shoulders.

Run-n-Read then syncs with an dedicated e-reader app on a tablet or phone and will bounce the text on the screen in time with a runner’s eye movements, making it appear as if the words aren’t moving at all, published in an article.

The Run-n-Read clip from New York-based Weartrons can be attached to a headband or shirt collar and tracks head and shoulder movements. The system works with a dedicated e-reader app installed on a tablet or phone and will bounce the text on the screen in sync with the runner’s eyes

The clip has a built-in accelerometer to measure speed and movement and connects to an Android or iOS tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The company claims: ‘The system essentially makes reading while running in a stationary position as easy as reading while standing motionless. Weartrons is currently asking for funding using the Dragon Innovation website in order to mass produce the product.

The company has raised around $8,000 (around £5,000) of its $30,000 (£19,000) goal and, if successful, plans to ship the device by January 2014 for around $40 (£25). Run-n-Read can be used with ‘treadmills, elliptical trainers, stepmills, stairmasters, and exercise bikes.

Its makers add that it can also help reduce eye strain when travelling on a train, bus, or car. To flip between pages on a book, the runner can either swipe the screen of the tablet or tap the Run-n-Read clip once to move forward a page, or twice to move back.

The clip can work out the position of a runner’s eyes by monitoring the movement of their head, when attached to a headband or by tracking shoulder movements when attached to a shirt collar. The device is also a fitness tracker and can additionally be fitted to a belt when not being used for reading.

There is also a rechargeable battery with a micro-USB port and Weartrons claims the clip will last for 20 hours when used regularly, or one month on standby. It weighs 10g and is approximately one inch wide by 1.25 inches tall.

The device only works with the dedicated iOS or Android app, that also displays the workout history and physical activity levels. When being used to track fitness, and not for reading, the clip can be worn on a belt. Weartrons are in discussion with airlines and gyms to add the technology to various equipment.

The company is also looking at ways to make it work with a television screen, for example.