US to destroy all seized ivory stocks

US has decided that they would destroy all seized ivory stocks of around 6m tons to stop the illegal trafficking in wildlife. Rising demand for ivory is leading to terrible killing of elephants in Africa and frightening remaining populations across the continent. The interior secretary, Sally Jewell, said “wildlife trafficking had doubled over the past five years into a global trade worth $10bn. Poaching of elephants had risen by a factor of eight in Tanzania.

Killing of rhinos for their horns had gone up by a factor of 50, State Department officials now openly refer to wildlife trafficking as a national security crisis”.


U.S. wildlife authorities say they will destroy six metric tons of illegal elephant ivory seized by customs agents.

Whole tusks, carvings and other ivory material held in storage in the western state of Colorado will be crushed next month.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the rising demand for ivory is fueling the horrific slaughter of African elephants, and it threatens the remaining elephant population.

Jewell said the United States will work aggressively with global law enforcement agencies to prosecute criminals who traffic in ivory.

The ivory trade and elephant poaching continues despite a global ban on ivory in 1990.

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