Delete these apps from your mobile today, otherwise your personal data will be leaked

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: Android mobile operating system may be considered safe, but every day information related to different types of malware comes to light, whose aim is to make users victims of scams and cyber attacks. 

A little carelessness can lead to empty bank account and work like espionage or data theft can easily be done. Now one such dangerous malware, Xamalicious, has been detected, which gives access to the device to the attacker.

The malware mentioned by the security company can not only spy on the device but can also easily break into the bank account. 

It has been found that this gives the attacker remote access to the device, that is, he can do things like changing settings to installing new malware remotely without getting physical access to the device.

It is necessary to delete apps from the phone

As soon as apps containing dangerous malware are detected, Google immediately flags them and removes them from the Play Store. However, Google cannot delete any app from the user's phone without his consent. 

In such a situation, the user has to delete the app himself from his phone, so that he can stay safe from threats like hacking or scam. If you want, you can delete the previous version and download the app again.

Here is the list of malware apps

We have brought together a list of apps that have been found to contain malware. If any of these apps is installed on your phone then you should delete it immediately without wasting any time.

- LetterLink

- Logo Maker Pro

- Track Your Sleep

- Auto Click Repeater

- Sound Volume Booster

- Universal Calculator

- Sound Volume Extender

- Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer

- Count Easy Calorie Calculator

- Essential Horoscope for Android

- 3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft

- Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope & Tarot

- Numerology: Personal horoscope & number predictions


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