Even lifting a stone will attract a fine of Rs 2 lakh, special rule issued for tourists

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Mr Journalist News: While roaming near the sea, everyone picks up sand and stones from there. Many people throw stones into the sea while enjoying the waves. But today we are talking about an island from where if you pick up even a single stone, a fine of Rs 2 lakh will be imposed. You may face great difficulty

According to the New York Post report, an alert has been issued for tourists going to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. 

Let us tell you that lakhs of tourists come here to enjoy summer holidays, and while leaving, they take away stones from here as a souvenir. Many people even take the fare from here after paying the fare. Due to this, due to lack of stones in Ireland, its beauty is being affected. And this is having a deep impact on the system here.

carry tons of sand

Officials say tourists pick up about a ton of volcanic material from the beaches of Lanzarote island every year. That's why every month tourists carry away a ton of sand from Fuerteventura's famous “Popcorn Beach”. 

The tourists were filled with mud, stones and rocks several times, but nothing happened. This kind of strictness has been done for the first time. Now a fine ranging from Rs 13,478 to Rs 2.69 lakh will be imposed for picking stones, rocks and soil from beaches.


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