Good news for the people of this city in UP, a new township will be built here along the expressway

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Uttar Pradesh: Preparations are in full swing to acquire land of ten villages to build a new city ship along Vidyut Bamba Bypass and Delhi-Meerut Expressway. This town ship will be surrounded by wide roads, hence its importance has increased. Section 28 action to acquire 595 hectares of land may start soon.

Of the four villages included in this scheme, three (Juranpur, Bajot and Dhikoli) are in urban areas, while the rest are in rural areas. In the last three months, officials have discussed with the farmers several times. 70 percent farmers agree to give land on the basis of land pooling. Which is in the process of issuing notice under Section 28 of the Uttar Pradesh Housing Development Council Act.

Illegal constructions will be removed

The proposal for this scheme was sent to the headquarters in November 2023. At that time the entire area was surveyed by Google. The report was also attached. Now the plan to build a township at a prime location is coming to fruition, so many people have accelerated the construction work. Officials say any construction after the proposal date, November 2023, will be removed.

24 meter wide road will be built along the expressway

Expressway and Meerut Hapur National Highway will form a major part of the plan. To connect the scheme to the expressway, a 24 meter wide road will be built in front of it. Which will go till the entry point of the highway. 

It will be about one kilometer long, so that the people of the city will be able to easily reach the expressway. This scheme will prove important to meet the residential needs of the city residents, as said by Superintending Engineer Rajeev Kumar. It will also develop the acquired villages.

The township will be surrounded by these roads on all sides

Vidyut Bamba Bypass North to South, Delhi-Meerut Expressway, East Meerut Hapur National Highway 334, and Delhi-Meerut Expressway, West Meerut Hapur Railway Line

Township will be built on the land of these villages

Village name and area in hectares: Tatina Sani 28 hectares, Shakarpur 12 hectares, Salempur 132.8 hectares, Chandsara 33 hectares, Dhikoli 23 hectares, Bajot 13.8 hectares, Jurranpur 80 hectares, Budhera Zahidpur 59.6 hectares, Gagol 2.9 hectares. 


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