If you want to increase the AC cooling of your car, then follow these tips today

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: Many people have been driving cars for 10-10 years but they do not know much about the car. Not everyone even knows how to use the circulation mode of the car correctly. Today we are going to tell you about this. It can also increase the cooling efficiency of the AC.

In summer

If you are driving in summer, after turning on the AC, keep the external circulation on for a while initially. As soon as the cabin cools down a bit, then turn on the inner circulation. This will allow the car's AC to cool the cabin more efficiently.

In winter

If you are driving a car in winter, you have to turn off the AC and keep the external circulation on. This will prevent fogging on the glass of the car, which will keep the visibility good. This reduces the difference in temperature inside and outside the cabin.

in a traffic jam

If you are driving in a traffic jam, after turning on the AC, keep the inner circulation mode on and turn off the external circulation mode. This will prevent the exhaust gases from other vehicles outside from entering the cabin of your car.

In rain

While driving in the rain, turn on the car's AC and also turn on the external circulation mode. But, along with this, direct the air flow towards the windshield. This will prevent fogging on the car's glasses and visibility will be better.


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