In UP, industries will be set up on village lands, mini clusters will be formed, people will be eligible for lottery

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Mr Journalist, Uttar Pradesh: Gram Sabha land will be given for doing business in rural areas. Five acres or more land of Gram Sabha will be given free of cost to the Directorate of Industries. These areas will be developed like mini industrial areas. Land will be given to businesses at the circle rate of the concerned district. The entrepreneurs of the block will be given the first land on priority basis.

To stop migration from villages, there is a plan to fill rural areas with industries. Its blueprint has been made under industry in every village. MSME units will get land at lower cost than cities and villagers will be able to get employment in their own villages.

Gram Sabha land in rural areas will be developed in the form of mini industrial clusters. Clusters will be built on at least five acres of land. MSME Department will acquire the Gram Sabha land from the Revenue Department.

The work of making this land available for industries is the responsibility of the Directorate of Industry and Enterprise Promotion. This land will be given to the entrepreneurs at the circle rate of the concerned district after equipping it with common treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, roads, sewers, uninterrupted electricity and water facilities. Gram Sabha land will also be available at a distance of five km from the under construction highway. They will be developed and given to entrepreneurs.

This initiative will entail an investment of at least Rs 500 crore in the first phase and at least five hundred new mini clusters will be formed. At least 25 thousand new units will be built. About 2.5 lakh people will get direct employment in these. 

MSME Minister Rakesh Sachan said that efforts are being made to provide self-employment to the villagers near themselves. For this, a mini industrial cluster will be built on Gram Sabha land. With this step the economic condition of the villages will suddenly change. Both skilled and unskilled hands will get work at home.


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