Indian Railways: Now you will have to pay heavy fine for pulling chain in a moving train, pay attention to the rules

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Mr journalist: Indian Railways is a big rail network. Lakhs of people travel through it daily. Indian Railways has put in place certain rules that ensure that every passenger gets the best travel experience and that the rail network functions well. 

It is important to know the rules of the Indian Railways, i.e. the rules of the Indian Railways, if you are a railway traveller. Another advantage of this is that you never know, this rule can work for you if you ever get stuck. The case of chain pulling is different in this.

Do not pull the chain unnecessarily

Jokingly or as per their convenience, like at a station where the train does not stop, people pull the chain as soon as it arrives. This is why train activities are affected. Besides, such action is also a crime. However, it also happens that when you are really in an emergency, you do not pull the chain because you are afraid that you will be put in jail. So you should know this.

How to know?

During chain pulling, the valve installed in the corner of the bogie rotates. This easily shows in which compartment the chain was pulled. When the chain is pulled, there is a sound of pressure leak from the compartment. The police then comes to that compartment. Then interrogation is done there. Which detects the chain puller.

Chain Pulling Rules of Indian Railways-

When we see someone pulling a chain in a train, we often want to do it. But do you know that pulling the train chain and stopping the train without reason is a legal offense? The train has an alarm chain system for emergency needs. Chain pulling in a train is permitted only when a companion, child, elderly or disabled person is left behind or when there is an accident or other emergency in the train. There should be some obvious reason behind pulling the chain in a moving train.

How much punishment do you get?

Pulling the chain unnecessarily in a train is a crime. Section 141 of the Railway Act 1989 punishes those who do so. Which can be a punishment of one thousand rupees or one year.


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