Kitchen Chimney Cleaning: This is how your kitchen chimney works, know the complete details

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Nowadays it has become common to have a chimney in the kitchen. It not only removes the smoke and odor emitted while cooking, but it also keeps your kitchen clean and hygienic. But do you know how the kitchen chimney works? (Kitchen Chimney Cleaning)

Its working method helps in keeping your family healthy. However, sometimes there is some problem in the chimney, which can be easily fixed.

Kitchen chimney is becoming an important part of our kitchen. Its main job is to remove the hot air, smoke and odor arising from cooking. But sometimes the chimney not working properly creates problems.

If you are also facing any problem in your chimney, then the methods mentioned here can be adopted. The chimney used for the kitchen has a canopy, filter and blower motor.

All these things help the chimney to expel the kitchen air out of the house. The filter traps grease and oil particles, and the blower motor ensures that the air is completely expelled from your kitchen.

1. Chimney not working

If your chimney is not pulling smoke and odors out properly, it could mean there is something wrong with it. To fix this, clean the filter

Because a dirty filter can create a hindrance in the movement of air. If the chimney is very high, then also there can be a problem in the movement of air upwards. Apart from this, if the fan is damaged, it should be replaced.

2. Excessive noise from the chimney

If your chimney is making a lot of noise, it could mean that there is a problem with the fan or the chimney. If the fan is faulty, replace it and if there is some problem with the chimney, get it repaired as well.

3. Smoke coming out of the chimney

Smoke coming out of the chimney means that there may be a hole or crack in the chimney. If there is a hole or crack in the chimney, get it repaired. Apart from this, keep cleaning the chimney regularly to maintain its performance.

The filter plays an important role in the chimney. It should be replaced at least every six months. Apart from this, get the chimney checked by a professional at least once a year.


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