Land will be purchased in 10 villages in Greater Noida, this is the plan of the authority

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UP News: 10 villages around Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh got the gift of industries, Noida Development Authority will buy land to set up industries, camps will be set up in villages to buy land, double compensation will be given to farmers after acquiring the land.

In the first phase, the Greater Noida Development Authority will acquire the land by setting up camps in 10 villages around Noida after mutual consent of the farmers. The Noida Development Authority will start the camp from this day. The Greater Noida Development Authority will acquire the land of these 10 villages around Noida. The list of when and in which village the camp will be set up has been released.

In this plan of Greater Noida Development Authority, it is said to buy 460 hectares of land in 21 villages of the notified area. Noida Development Authority will spend 1000 crore rupees for land purchase. Many national and international companies are competing to set up industries in Noida. If industries are set up in these villages around Noida, people here will get ample employment. 

If industries are set up, the economic condition of these areas will be strong. Similarly, the population of the people of this area has also increased a lot after the start of work on Noida International Airport. No new residential sector has been set up in Noida for the last several years. The population of Noida city is continuously increasing. Therefore, the development of this city is very important. In view of the increasing population, basic facilities like industry and roads will be increased here.

There is a shortage of land for the companies coming forward for development in Greater Noida, due to which Noida Development Authority will acquire the land, this issue was raised in the last government meeting, industrial, residential and other activities will be progressed by buying the remaining land in 21 villages, roads will be built all around for better connectivity of these villages.

Compensation will be given as per the market rate of the land

After mutual consent of the farmers, Greater Noida Development Authority has selected 21 villages for purchasing the land. It will acquire the land of the farmers of those villages and pay compensation as per market rate. 

In the meeting of Noida Development Authority held on Monday, the camp will be started from Khedi village from today. The farmers of this area are demanding new benefits under the new land acquisition law. The farmers of Uttar Pradesh say that the authority is purchasing the land at the rate of Rs 4125 per square meter, although the market rate is Rs 15000 per square meter. The farmers here are declaring not to give the land by holding a panchayat, because they say that we want the fair rate of compensation. Today, the authority will hold a camp and talk to the farmers.

Himanshu Verma, OSD of Greater Noida Authority, said, "Landbank is being prepared for setting up industries and other projects. For this, camps will be set up in 10 villages to buy land from farmers of the notified area villages on the basis of mutual consent. It is being started from Khedi village on 2 July. Camps will be set up sequentially in all the 10 villages of the first phase."

where and when to camp

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