Mustard procurement starts in Haryana from this date, know how much MSP will be available this time

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Mr journalist News, Mustard purchase in Haryana  : The supply of mustard has started in the markets of Hisar and Sirsa districts of Haryana, but till now its government procurement has not started in the state. In such a situation, the anger of the farmers towards the government is increasing. 

Because private buyers are taking advantage of the helplessness of the farmers. They are purchasing mustard from farmers at a rate lower than the minimum support price. For this, traders are citing moisture in the mustard produce. At the same time, sources say that Haryana government can temporarily start purchasing mustard on March 25. 

Last year, government procurement of mustard had started in Haryana from March 14 itself. This means that this year the procurement of mustard will start with a delay of 11 days. Sources said that however, state government officials have directed the district administration to make elaborate arrangements. 

The last date for starting government procurement of crops and mustard and wheat has not been decided yet. The tentative dates for starting the procurement of mustard and wheat have been fixed as March 25 and April 1 respectively.

MSP of mustard and wheat 

The central government has fixed the MSP for mustard at Rs 5,656 per quintal and for wheat at Rs 2,275 per quintal. However, farmers have started bringing their mustard crops to the markets. 

Private commission agents are purchasing mustard from farmers at a rate lower than MSP. Agricultural experts say that the mustard crop sown early and on time is ready for harvesting.

20 percent reduction in price

Pawan Garg, former president of the commission agent association in Hisar grain market, said that at present, the market price of mustard is around Rs 5,200 per quintal. 

Some farmers have reached the market with fresh mustard produce. Since the crop contains about 20 percent moisture. In such a situation, commission agents are reducing the produce rates by at least 10 percent to 20 percent.

Farmers suffered huge losses

The Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department has decided to set up 104 mandis (purchase centers) in the state for the purchase of mustard. The department has asked the concerned officers to ensure necessary arrangements for the purchase of crops in their respective districts. 

Farmers said that the low market price of mustard has given them another blow. He said that farmers have already suffered huge losses due to the recent hailstorm and rain.

United Kisan Morcha leader Rajeev Malik said that the government should immediately ensure the purchase of mustard at MSP. He said that we will visit the mandis of Hisar, Sirsa and Bhiwani districts tomorrow and demand that mustard be purchased at MSP.


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