Nahan hill station: You can visit these hill stations near Delhi, people from abroad also come to enjoy

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It is better to go out somewhere on weekends instead of sitting at home and getting bored. But often we feel that where should we go, how many places can we visit in such a short time.

Whereas this is not the case. There is a place called Nahan (Nahan hill station) just 250 km away from Delhi where you can easily visit.

The special thing about this place is that the weather here is very beautiful and you can visit many places around here.

Besides, there are many other things to do here that will make your mind happy and you will return from here stress free in two days.

Popular places to visit in Nahan

There are many places to visit in Nahan. A charming city nestled in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Nahan offers serene beauty and pleasant weather.

Surrounded by lush green scenery and adorned with historical architecture, the city of Nahan is very peaceful. You can visit many places here. Such as Renuka Lake, Jaitak Fort and Churdhar Peak. Here you can

How to visit Nahan

To visit Nahan from Delhi, first take a bus to Nahan which you will get from Old Delhi. You can also take a cab from Delhi to Nahan or you can also go to Rajpura Junction.

After going here, you can stay comfortably in a hotel and roam around the surrounding areas. This place is absolutely perfect for visiting and you can go here on any weekend from Delhi.

So, if you have never visited Nahan, then take out some time and visit this beautiful place of nature. It is very beautiful and you can visit here anytime .


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