New modern city will be settled in Haryana, construction will be done within 25 km radius, NCR people will have fun

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Mr Journalist News:  Giving a big gift to the people of Haryana, it has been decided to establish a new city (Haryana New City). The masterplan for developing this new city of Haryana has been prepared and a foreign company has been hired to prepare its DPR. This new city will be developed on the lines of foreign countries.

This new city will be established near KMP (Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway). The new city that will be established near KMP in Palwal will be in the network of connectivity. A network of expressways has already been laid in this area, through which direct travel can be done from Greater Noida-Ghaziabad, Hapur, Uttarakhand, Faridabad, Delhi, Gurgaon and Jaipur to Mumbai. . 

In this respect, it will be different from other cities of NCR (National Capital Region). There is a plan to include such facilities in the DPR of this new city, which will bring prosperity to this area. After Noida-Gurgaon, while it will become a new destination for housing adjacent to Delhi, this city will also have plenty of options for industry and education.

It will be equipped with these facilities

The master plan for setting up a new city on Palwal-Faridabad-Jewar road has been prepared and now a Singapore company has been hired to prepare the DPR. This company will tell where what will be built and what facilities it will have. 

In the DPR, information will be given about the estimated population, transport facilities, health, schools, colleges, health services, shopping malls and roads. This new city will be established on its basis only. The government wants Faridabad to have a separate identity from the new cities. 

To ensure that there are no shortcomings in this, special instructions have been given to the company preparing the DPR. To avoid jams, provision will be made from underpass to elevated road. Separate tracks will be made for pedestrians and cycles. 

Here emphasis will be laid on solar energy and e-vehicles. Industry areas will also be developed in its surrounding areas. It is estimated that this will also increase industrial investment, which will also provide employment to the people nearby.

The connectivity of the new city will be like this

This area will be around Mandkaula in Palwal. KMP (Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway) is passing through this place. The link road of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which started near the DND flyover, also connects at this place. 

Greenfield Expressway is being built from this road to connect Noida International Airport being built in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh near Kail village in Faridabad. In this way, on one hand this new city will be connected to Gurgaon and Jaipur and on the other hand it will be connected to Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Hapur etc. through KGP. 

It will also be connected to the airport through Faridabad and Greenfield Expressway. The new city here will also be directly connected to Mumbai through the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. This will be a city in which Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, KGP, KMP, Delhi-Agra National Highway and Greenfield Expressway will be connected to connect specific cities.

This city will also be connected by rail. Besides, a freight corridor has been built here for goods trains. Orbital rail corridor will also be built in Palwal. Apart from this, there will also be rail connectivity to Chola railway station of Jewar and Bulandshahr.

Due to this city being established within a radius of about 25 kilometers, Faridabad and Palwal will come closer. This city will be built from Mandkaula in Palwal to near Faridabad via the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road starting from KMP and DND.


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