Now building a house has become cheaper in UP, there is a bumper fall in the prices of rebar and cement

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Mr Journalist News, UP News: If you are planning to build your house, this is a good opportunity. At the end of March, the price of rebar, an important material for building houses, has come down. The prices of ballast, mortar, cement and sand have also declined.

President of Uttar Pradesh Cement Trade Association, Shyammurthy Gupta said that the price of a fifty kg bag has reduced from Rs 375 to Rs 360. Apart from this, the price of rebar has fallen to Rs 6 thousand per tonne, which was earlier Rs 62,000 per tonne. 

Now its price is Rs 56 thousand per ton. Apart from this, sand has become cheaper by Rs 5 per cube and Maurang by Rs 2. He said that due to low demand the prices of construction materials have decreased. Prices are expected to increase after Navratri.

Brick price fell by Rs 500 per thousand

Mukesh Modi, former president of Lucknow Brick Clean Association, said that the price of brick is Rs 8000 per thousand, whereas earlier it was Rs 8500 per thousand. The price per cubic foot of ballast has decreased by Rs 2. Now ballast is Rs 64 per cubic foot. Business is very slow. Bar trader Shivmurthy said that the price of bars has decreased by Rs 6,000 per ton. He said that those who want to build a house can do so now.

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Rates of construction materials on 1 April 2024

  • Rebar: 62 (Rs. per thousand per ton)
  • Cement: 375 (Rs. per thousand per bag)
  • Brick: 8500 (Rs. per thousand)
  • Morang: 64 (Rs. per cubic foot)
  • Sand: 35 (Rs. per cubic foot)
  • Ballast: 66 (Rs. per cubic foot)

Rates of construction materials on 2 April 2024

  • Rebar: 56 (Rs. per thousand per ton)
  • Cement: 360 (Rs.
  • per thousand per bag) Brick: 8000 (Rs. per thousand)
  • Morang: 62 (Rs. per cubic foot)
  • Sand: 30 (Rs. per cubic foot)
  • Ballast: 64 (Rs. per cubic foot)


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