This expressway will go directly from Haryana to the airport, a journey of hours will be completed in 15 minutes

express highway

New Delhi The construction work of an expressway from Jewar Airport being built in Noida, UP to Faridabad is being done at a very fast pace. Due to which people will get relief from traffic jams.

If this expressway starts, it will be very easy for people to reach the airport. Along with this, people will get relief from Delhi's traffic. If we look at the current situation, the distance from Jewar Airport to Faridabad is 90 kilometers.

Which now takes more than 1 hour to cover. But if this expressway starts, then this distance will be reduced to only 31 km and the distance will be covered in 15 minutes. 

The budget is of so many crores-

The National Highway Authority of India has passed a budget of Rs 2414 crore for the construction of this expressway. Work on this has already begun. This expressway is going to be 31 km long.

At the same time, an ultimatum has been given to start this expressway by June 2025. 

The prices of nearby properties will increase-

After the completion of the construction of this expressway, the prices of nearby properties are going to increase a lot. Due to this, your nearby property is going to increase 5 to 10 times. 


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