Unmarried couples should keep these things in mind before booking a room in Oyo Hotel, otherwise they may get into trouble

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New Delhi: Unmarried couples (Unmarried Couples rights) can comfortably stay in a hotel by taking a room, and this is not considered a crime in our country, but due to lack of information, people consider it a crime or a wrongdoing. 

Hotel owners also do not consider it right. Although people's views are always different, which we and you cannot change, but if someone stops you or blames you for doing this, then with some knowledge of law you can stand up for yourself. Let us know through this question.

It is not a legal offense for couples to stay in a hotel 

Let us tell you that we are not saying these things on our own, but this is what the experts have to say. It is worth noting that Bharat Bhushan, who has been a spokesperson for The Hotel Association of India, which handles two hundred and eighty hotels and restaurants, says that he is not aware of any rules related to this issue. 

Apart from this, former Delhi Police spokesperson Taj Hassan says that couples who are not married can live in a live-in relationship. 

This means that such couples can book a room in a hotel and there are no legal restrictions on them.

What is the law for unmarried people

There is no provision in any law of India that unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in any hotel in the country. No one can stop them from staying together in a room. 

The law has never posed a problem for couples staying in hotels, but some hotel staff sometimes do not enforce the law for unmarried couples. 

There are countless hotels in the country that do not allow couples to stay together in a room. Couples above 18 years of age can stay together in a hotel room with valid proof. No law has banned this and it is completely the couple's choice.

Living without marriage is your private decision

On this matter, experts say that there is no such law which can prevent unmarried couples from staying in the room. 

Because staying together in a room is your private decision and no one can stop you from taking this decision. However, whenever you stay in a hotel, keep some things in mind.

Keep these things in mind before staying in a hotel room 

First of all, your age should be more than eighteen years, only then you can take a hotel room. But before booking a hotel, keep in mind that the age limit should also be kept in mind.

Let us tell you that while taking a room in a hotel, you must have a valid identity card i.e. ID proof, this applies to both boys and girls.

There is no need to go to any other city 

Couples do not need to go to another city to get a couples room, but if you are going on a trip, you can take a room in another city. 

But it depends on the hotel managers, owners and operators whether to give you a room or not. At present, no law has been made in the country that prohibits unmarried couples from taking a hotel room (Hotel room for married couple).

Data from Google Trends and Oyo Rooms

Let us tell you that according to the data of Google Trends and Oyo Rooms, the demand for online hotel booking has increased tenfold in the last five years. Apart from this, sixty percent of unmarried couples look for rooms in hotels in their own city.


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