UP: Holi will not be celebrated with chemical colors in UP, natural colors will be prepared from cow dung

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MR journalist news: Digital Desk New Delhi, Women in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh are making gulal and colors from cow dung. Its demand has increased significantly in the entire district. Women are preparing natural colors by extracting the juice of spinach and beetroot and mixing dry cow dung in it. Women claim it is completely safe. There will be no harm of any kind from its use. 

More than 20 women of the self-help group of Bhavapur village of Bhadar development block of the district together prepare ash after drying the cow dung and then mix fruit and vegetable juice in the ash and make pure natural color and gulal. 

In view of the festival of Holi, the demand for these colors has increased a lot. These women are supplying natural gulal and colors in Delhi, Agra, Mathura. Women say that due to this they are also becoming self-reliant. 

that, with the efforts of NRLM and Block Development Officer, preparations are being made to set up stalls at various places to provide natural colors and pure gulal to the people on the festival of Holi. 

Woman Sanju Yadav told that she is making gulal from desi cow dung. We dry the cow dung and burn it to make ash and then prepare green color from spinach and red color from beetroot. This color does not cause any harm and we, more than 20 people, are doing this work together. 

Women are benefiting financially

Block Development Officer Indravati Verma said that to take this group forward, their gulal and color stalls will be set up in the district including the block. This is a very good work, this time before Holi, their gulal and colors will be distributed to the people by setting up stalls.  


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