Wheat News: Will wheat production be weak this year? Flour Mill Organization data released

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Mr Journalist News, Wheat Production Estimates: The official figure of wheat production in the country in the 2024 season is 112 million metric tonnes, while the Flour Mill Organization has released wheat production estimate figures. According to which, the yield is estimated to be 6.25 percent less than the government estimates. 

In such a situation, the government procurement target may get a setback. Let us tell you that wheat procurement has started across the country from April 1 and this time cooperative societies have also been engaged in procurement to fill the government reserves. 

Wheat production likely to be at least 6% lower than government estimates 

The flour mills association has said that India is expected to produce 105 million metric tonnes of wheat this year, which is 6.25 per cent less than the government estimate. According to the Economic Times report, Navneet Chitlangia, senior vice president of the Roller Flour Millers Federation of India, said that after assessing the crop across the country, we believe that this year the wheat production will be 105 million metric tonnes.

Last year wheat production was 10% less than the government estimate 

According to government estimates, India is expected to produce 112 million metric tons of wheat in 2024. According to the Agriculture Ministry, India produced a record 112.74 million metric tons of wheat in 2023, but trade and industry officials said last year's wheat production was 10 percent less than the government's estimate.

Lower wheat production forced the government to sell a record 10 million metric tonnes of wheat from its reserves to bulk buyers such as flour mills and biscuit makers, depleting the stockpile needed for the world's largest food welfare programme. Wheat stocks in government warehouses fell to 9.7 million metric tonnes in early March, the lowest since 2017.

FCI is buying 6 million tonnes more wheat this time 

FCI Chairman and Managing Director Ashok KK Meena said the FCI expects to buy 31-32 million metric tonnes of wheat from domestic farmers this year as against 26.2 million metric tonnes in 2023. He said the FCI has already started buying new season wheat, having bought one million metric tonnes from domestic farmers since the start of the current crop season in early April, as against 700,000 metric tonnes in the same period a year ago.

Co-operative societies were roped in for procurement 

To have sufficient stock of wheat, the central government has stopped global and domestic trading houses from buying new season wheat from local farmers. Due to this, the government is trying to increase its dwindling stock by buying wheat from farmers. This time, apart from FCI, the government has also engaged NAFED and NCCF for wheat purchase. 


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