With these Smart Glasses you will be able to make video calls on any chatting apps, you will get a powerful camera

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: Meta has brought a big update for its Ray-Ban smart glasses. Now you will be able to make video calls directly on famous chatting apps like WhatsApp and Messenger with these glasses. 

This new feature will make your experience more fun. Now you will be able to see the other person live during the call, whether you have gone for a walk and want to show a beautiful view or want to get advice on something while shopping.

Will be able to call anywhere

Ray-Ban's smart glasses now have the cool feature of video calling. You can show your friends and family what you're seeing without using your hands. This is great not only for sharing special occasions 

In fact, it is also very helpful in everyday tasks. Now while shopping, whether it is to check which kombucha is good or whether the pineapple is ripe or not, all this can be easily shown over video call.

Will get 12MP camera

Ray-Ban smart glasses have a lot of new technology. These have inbuilt mics and speakers so you can talk on video calls, and also have a very good 12-megapixel camera that can take wide-area photos. 

There is a special feature for those living in America and Canada – a smart assistant named 'Meta AI'. It will listen to your voice to help you find something, make a connection, or get information. 

It can also become your translator, or help you read a restaurant menu while traveling abroad. Overall, these glasses will make your work easier and will also increase the fun of travelling.

Testing is going on

This update is currently in the testing phase. This update can understand both your voice and what you're seeing. This makes your help even better. Whether translating a restaurant menu while traveling or writing Instagram captions on travel photos, this new feature will make all this easier.


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