You will get Rs 10,000 along with free electricity at home, apply now to avail the subsidy scheme

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Solar Energy: Everyone knows about the solar system installed in homes. At present, the government is accepting applications for installing free rooftop solar panels to provide electricity. You can also apply online to avail this scheme. Today we are going to tell you about the subsidy scheme started by the Delhi government.

We often hear about solar power. Nowadays people are showing a lot of interest towards solar panels. Earlier, solar panels were used more in villages. But it has not reached even cities yet. Delhi government has started a subsidy scheme for solar power. Today we will give you complete information about it.

Delhi Government Subsidy Scheme

It has been included in the State Capital of Delhi Solar Policy made by the Government. A separate subsidy scheme has been implemented for residential customers. Under this, the consumer will get a subsidy of ₹ 2000 per kilo watt. Each customer will get a maximum subsidy of ₹ 10000.

How to get grant

To avail the benefit of this subsidy scheme, you have to wait for the electricity bill first. Customers are given subsidy for installing rooftop plants. These policies are being changed from time to time. Delhi Solar Energy Policy 2023 was included in it.

central government scheme

A separate scheme has been implemented by the central government. The central government is giving a subsidy of ₹30000 per kilowatt for residential customers. But a condition has been kept for this, that you have to consume up to 150 units of electricity.


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