133 km new railway line will be laid in these 3 districts of Rajasthan, people are happy

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Rajasthan: The central government is continuously working to strengthen the railway network in Rajasthan. Recently, Rajasthan got the gift of two new railway lines. After a long wait, the Railway Ministry had approved the Merta-Pushkar and Merta Ras railway line last month. The work of both these railway lines will be completed in 4 years.

For 30 years there has been a continuous demand for a direct rail line from Merta to Ajmer. After this, after the railway line from Ajmer to Pushkar got interrupted, there was a demand for a railway line from Merta to Pushkar for a distance of 51.34 kilometers for the last several years. But now this demand will be met and people's traffic will also improve. Three districts will benefit from this railway line. 

9 new railway stations will also be built

Recently, the Railway Board of the Ministry of Railways had issued two letters giving official approval to these two lines. This line will pass through three districts and 9 new railway stations will also be built on the lines. In this, Merta City (Katyasani), Bhainsada Kalan Rian Badi, Code, Nand, Dhaneria, Jasnagar, Bhumbalia and Ras railway stations will be built. 

Under the Merta Pushkar Rail Line Project, railway lines will be built in Nagaur and Ajmer. Similarly, under the Merta Ras Rail Line Project, railway lines will be laid in Merta and Pali districts.

A total of Rs 1680.64 crore will be spent on these two railway line projects. A total of 133.037 km long railway track will also be laid under both the projects. Besides, railway tracks and stations will be constructed on a total of 582.15 hectares of land in both the railway lines.


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