Business Idea: Start this business, you will become rich, you will earn 5 to 6 lakhs every month

business idea

MR Journalist: Nowadays, it becomes very difficult to meet the household expenses with the amount of income one earns in a job. In such a situation, many people think of starting their own business idea. They want the business to be such that it gives good profits at low cost. So today we will tell you about one such business.

This is the business of making paper from banana peel. Banana is considered one of the most favorite fruits in India. Its production continues year after year. It has no season. Everyone knows that you can earn bumper income from banana farming, but do you know that banana peel can also be used to make money. Paper is made from the bark of the banana plant and the fiber of the banana peel. This paper is stronger and has tensile strength than any normal paper.

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As your own business startup, you can start making paper from banana peels and easily earn good income throughout your life. Khadi Village Industries Commission has also prepared a report regarding this business. It tells how much money you will have to spend to start this business. You can set up a banana paper manufacturing unit in any village, city or town, but your good earnings are almost certain.

This business will cost so much

It costs around Rs 16 lakh to start this banana peel business. But the good thing is that you do not have to spend much from your pocket for this. You will have to invest only Rs 4.65 lakh from your pocket. You can get the remaining amount on loan. You can get a loan up to Rs 12 lakh. You can get a loan up to Rs 10 lakh at cheap interest from PM Mudra Yojana.

Income from this business

Now when it comes to income from this business, the income increases year after year. You will get an income of more than Rs 5 lakh in the first year. Next year your income will cross Rs 6 lakh. Next year it will reach Rs 6.80 lakh. According to the report, after this this profit will increase more rapidly.


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