Due to increasing heat in UP, electricity will be cut for two and a half hours in this district, consumption increased by 38 million units


Mr Jorunalist News (UP) In Uttar Pradesh, the heat is at its peak in the beginning of April. Due to daily increasing temperature, a rapid increase in electricity consumption is now being seen. According to the electricity department, consumption has increased by about 38 million units in the last one month. Due to high electricity consumption, Power Corporation has also ordered power cut of two and a half hours in cities and towns till 30th April. 

The heat has been wreaking havoc continuously since Holi. Even in the second week of April, the mercury is reaching 38 degrees Celsius during the day. Due to increasing heat, electrical appliances are consuming more electricity. 

The five divisions of the district include Barabanki, Ramnagar, Fatehpur, Ramsanehighat and Haidergarh. There are about four lakh electricity consumers among them. The highest electricity consumer is in Barabanki division. 

With the increase in consumption, its impact on electricity supply has also started to be seen. There is no problem of overload in the district yet, however, the Power Corporation has ordered a power cut of two and a half hours in the towns in the city till April 30. This time electricity consumption is less as compared to last year. But now electricity consumption will increase in May, June and April.


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