Flights to Lucknow stopped from this airport in UP, flights to Delhi also reduced

airport stopped

Mr Journalist News, UP News: A big news is coming out regarding UP, under which from now on it will be possible to go to Lucknow only by private vehicle and train because the airlines flying from Gorakhpur to Lucknow have stopped flying for the time being. 

Also, if we talk about this, then flights from Delhi will now run only four days a week. In fact, Spice Jet had stopped the flight from Delhi to Mumbai 2 months ago and along with this the office of Gorakhpur airport was also closed.

On 28 March 2021, Alliance Air started the first flight service from Gorakhpur to Lucknow under the Regional Flight Scheme (RCS). Alliance Air's 72-seater ATR aircraft flying from Gorakhpur to New Delhi daily also went to Lucknow.

The flight that took off from Gorakhpur to Lucknow at 11:45 am every day returned to Delhi at 2:10 pm. The direct flight took forty minutes to reach Lucknow. Apart from this, Alliance Air has also stopped flights to Delhi on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Flights to Prayagraj, Kashi and Kanpur have already been stopped

Indigo Aviation operated flights from Gorakhpur to Prayagraj, Spice Jet operated flights to Varanasi and Kanpur. Only Indigo's flight used to go to Prayagraj from Kolkata. Indigo stopped the flight due to decrease in the number of passengers. Within a month, the flight to Varanasi and Kanpur also stopped.

Airport Director RK Parashar said that Alliance Air has stopped the flight to Lucknow started under the Regional Flight Scheme. The flight to Delhi has been extended by four days. 

Akosa Air has proposed to start flights from Delhi and Mumbai. Akasa Air's flight is expected to start in the first week of May after getting approval.


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