Good news for people of Haryana, electricity bills will be reduced from next month

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Haryana government has given a big relief to electricity consumers by waiving the monthly fee. Now the houses in the state which have meters up to 2 kilowatts will have to pay electricity bill only for the units consumed. 

This decision of the government will benefit about nine and a half lakh electricity consumers of the state. Till now the electricity department was charging Rs 115 per kilowatt as monthly fee from the consumers. The bill used to increase due to this fee being added to the money of the units consumed. Haryana government had announced to waive the monthly fee in the budget.

Corporation officials said that the monthly fee will not be added to the next bill. This decision of the government will provide relief of about Rs 180 crore to the poorest families of the state. This decision will be implemented from the next billing cycle. Consumers can get relief ranging from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 91% (5 to 190 rupees) in their total electricity bill.

pay as per consumption

Consumers will have to pay only for the electricity units consumed. For example, earlier if a family with 1 kW load consumed 30 units of electricity in a month, the bill would be Rs 197.5. With the monthly charge being waived, the bill will now be only Rs 82.50. 

Similarly, a consumer with 2 kW load had to pay Rs 312.5 for consuming 30 units in a month, as the monthly charge per kW load was Rs 115. Under the new billing cycle, this bill will be reduced to Rs 82.50, as the per unit charge is Rs 2.75 and there will be no monthly charge.

electricity rate per unit

In Haryana, rates per unit have been fixed according to the electricity consumption. If 0-150 units of electricity are consumed, the bill is generated at the rate of Rs 2.75 per unit. If 150 to 250 units of electricity are consumed per month, the rate of electricity is Rs 5.25 per unit. 

If 252 to 500 units of electricity are consumed, Rs 6.30 per unit has to be paid. Similarly, if 501 to 800 units of electricity are consumed monthly, the bill comes at the rate of Rs 7.10 per unit.


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