Hotel: After staying in the hotel, hang the towel on the door, you will never face any problem

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Mr journalist, New Delhi Whenever you have gone on a trip with your wife, you must have booked a hotel to stay. Now what do couples want in such a situation?

Find this budget friendly hotel and get a good room to stay. Some people may like luxury hotels very well while others may have to make do with other cheap hotels.

People who often stay in hotels would be aware of every single thing there, but still many guests get worried in the matter of security.

In such a situation, while staying in a hotel, one should go through the security check calmly. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you some such hotel hacks, about which you would hardly know.

Follow this hack

If you want to sleep peacefully at night and do not want any kind of trouble, then you will have to adopt a small hack. For this, take a hand towel and put it on the clasp located at the top of the door.

While rotating, bring it down from the other side and secure it well with a rubber band. After this, it will act as a buffer and even if someone wants to open the door from outside, it will be difficult for him to come inside.

Actually, the security clips of the doors in hotels are not very special, in such a situation, after tying it with a towel, it will not be able to open and you will sleep very well at night.

These hacks are also very useful

Not only this, if you are going to a hotel room, then put your luggage near the door and first check everything carefully from behind the cupboard and curtain to under the bed, whether there is anyone there or not someone's belongings. It is no more.

By keeping the door open, you will also have the option to escape. Apart from this, always try to get the room only till the fourth floor, this will make it easier for you. You can also ask for room upgrade, this will give you a good and spacious room.

Use of Wi-Fi

Some people use the hotel's free Wi-Fi a lot after getting it, however, as soon as you connect the Wi-Fi of some hotels, all the personal data can be saved in the hotel's server. Therefore, keep security in mind before using hotel Wi-Fi.

Take special care of safety also

After staying in the hotel, definitely check the mirror of the room, if your room has mirrors on two sides, then the view of your room can be visible in the adjacent room as well.

Also check the door opening carefully and cover the door opening with some paper when it is near the bed. Also, always put a Do Not Disturb board at the gate of the room. With this, no one can enter the hotel room without your permission.


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