Mahindra Scorpio N Price Hike: Mahindra has increased the price of this great SUV, know the new price list

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Last year i.e. 2023 was a great year for the Indian automobile market. Mahindra Scorpio N Price Hike Almost all automobile companies in the country did great business last year. Despite great business in 2023, almost all car manufacturers in the country have made their vehicles expensive this year.

In such a situation, these car manufacturing companies have shocked the customers in 2024. The name of Indian car manufacturer Mahindra is also included in increasing the prices of vehicles in the country. The company has increased the price of its luxurious SUV Scorpio N this year.

Scorpio N becomes costlier by Rs 1 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio N is not only the company's best selling SUV but is also included in the list of best selling SUVs in India. Mahindra Scorpio N is a very popular car across the country, especially among the youth. This car is liked for its strong performance as well as its stylish look and great features.

But the company has recently increased the price of this great SUV. The prices of all variants of Mahindra Scorpio N have been increased. The company has increased the price of this great SUV by Rs 1 lakh.

Which variants have increased in price by how much?

The company has increased the price of the Z8 variant of this luxurious SUV by Rs 1.01 lakh. The starting price of this variant was earlier Rs 19.94 lakh, which has now increased to Rs 20.95 lakh. The price of its Z8 L variant has been increased by Rs 15,000. In such a situation, now its starting price has increased to Rs 24.05 lakh, which was earlier Rs 23.90 lakh.

The price of the petrol base variant of Scorpio N has increased by Rs 65,000 and the price of the diesel base variant has increased by Rs 75,000. Thus, now the price range of this car has gone up from Rs 12.74 lakh to Rs 24.05 lakh.

The demand is tremendous

Mahindra Scorpio N is currently in great demand. Launched in June last year, the popularity of this car can be gauged from the fact that it has a waiting period of up to 24 months. Mahindra Scorpio N has the highest waiting period among all the cars currently available in the Indian market .


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