Metro is coming to these villages of Noida NCR, CM Yogi announced, elevated railway track will be laid

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Mr, Journalist, Metro in Noida: Now Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath has gifted metro to many villages of Noida. The state government has given permission in the cabinet meeting to lay metro lines in two villages. There will be only two stations on this two and a half kilometer long track, but it will provide metro facility to about a dozen villages of Noida. 

Yogi government has approved two stations, Bodaki and Junpat, for single line metro in Noida. Yogi government has approved two stations, Bodaki and Junpat, for single line metro in Noida. 

In the cabinet meeting, the state government has given permission to extend the Aqua Metro line from Sector 51 of Noida to Jaitpur Depot of Greater Noida. Now this line will go from Jaitpur depot to Bodaki. A proposal of Rs 416.34 crore has been approved to expand Greater Noida Metro.

Which stations will there be?

This 2.6 kilometer long elevated track will have only two stations: Junpat and Bodaki. Despite this, many villages including Palla village, Chithera, Bisrakh, Dankaur, Dhaulana, Hazratpur, Baishpur, Gulistanpur, Rampur Jagir located around these two stations will easily get the facility of metro.

Dadri people will get direct connectivity

With the construction of these two places, the people of Dadri will get convenience. It will provide direct connectivity to Delhi from Dadri, Gater and Noida. Now people of Dadri go to these cities of NCR by different means.

Industrial township and logistics hub being built in Bodaki

Multimodal transport hub, multimodal logistics hub and integrated industrial township will be established on the land of villages around Bodaki. In such a situation, it will be very easy to reach here by metro. These projects will be developed on 478 hectares of land in seven villages around Bodaki. 

For this, about one-eighth of the land has been acquired. A railway terminal will also be built in Bodaki. People of Greater Noida and surrounding areas will get trains to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal from here when it is built. There are also plans to build local and interstate bus stands here.


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