Now pollution testing will be done through this app, fraudsters will be in trouble

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Digital Desk-New Delhi: Vehicle PUC Through App: Vehicle owners have to get it updated within the stipulated time. For this, the vehicle has to be inspected at the PUC center and then PUC is given on the basis of the inspection (if the vehicle passes the inspection). But, a lot of fraud comes to light regarding the issuance of PUC certificate. 

To control this, the transport department in Uttar Pradesh has geared up. NIC was instructed to upgrade the pollution testing portal. Now the pollution of vehicles will be checked through the app. Officials have given this information. This step has been taken to ensure the physical availability of vehicles at the time of pollution testing and to stop the use of fake APIs. 

For this, the PUC certificate portal has been upgraded to PUCC version 2.0 portal. The new portal has been started as a pilot project at some pollution testing centers in Lucknow. Not only this, seeing its success, the portal will now be implemented in the entire state from April 15. Then, all pollution testing centers across the state will have to use the PUCC Center App.

The app can be used on three mobile phones at one centre. But, only one mobile phone can be logged in at a time. It can be used only within 30 metres of a permanent pollution testing centre. For mobile van pollution testing centres, the limit will be 40km from the transport office. For this, location will have to be fed in the app.

This will help track the location and curb PUC fraud by making the app's operation smooth. While processing the PUC, you will have to take photos of the vehicle's front, side and rear side through the app. A video of this will also have to be recorded.


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