Approval was given to connect 2 expressways of UP, a new link expressway will be built here for connection

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MR Journalist News, UP News: In UP, the link way connecting Chitrakoot Link Expressway and Agra Expressway with Purvanchal Expressway has now been approved. Besides, six life support advanced ambulances will also be installed on Bundelkhand Expressway. 

Permission has been given to connect the Link Expressway to Purvanchal Expressway. Three companies had applied for the DPR and project development of this greenfield expressway. MSW International demanded Rs 4.87 lakh per km as consultancy fee. MS Park Futuristic asked for Rs 1.50 lakh per km, while Pioneer Infra asked for Rs 1.75 lakh per km. MS Park was the lowest bidder.

Besides, pre-feasibility report and DPR of Chitrakoot Link Expressway were also approved. Three options were given for this highway. Only two companies had applied. The bid was therefore canceled earlier.

Applications were invited again in September last year, but only one company showed interest. Then the time was extended, and UPEDA got three tenders. Of these, MSV International demanded Rs 3.76 lakh per kilometre.

Redican India filled the tender for Rs 1.10 crore. Medhaj Techno had filed a tender worth Rs 5,25,00,000. DPR of Chitrakoot Link Expressway given to MSV. Also, traffic increased on Bundelkhand Expressway, hence it was decided to deploy six life support advanced ambulances for 24 hours. 

At the same time, the proposed Greenfield Link Expressway was also approved to connect the Agra-Lucknow Expressway to the Ganga Expressway passing through Farrukhabad. This DPR will be ready in a year and work will start soon.


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