Top 10 body-positive Instagram accounts you should follow

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Mr, Journalist News, However, this change might not have happened without social media. It is good that social media has highlighted influencers who have spread information and messages about body. Thus, today in this article we will learn about 10 such body-positive Instagram accounts that you should follow.

These accounts have promoted the importance of body love and acceptance and proved that everyone is worth loving themselves, especially those who embrace the individuality and uniqueness of their bodies.


Jessamyn Stanley, founder of Underbelly Yoga Studio, is an amazing yoga teacher. On her Instagram account, you will find inspiration for a healthy body and a healthy mind through various yoga postures. We often see pictures online that reinforce the idea that only people with thin, fair bodies are capable of doing active activities like yoga. 

2. @theshirarose

@theshirarose Instagram account is one of those accounts that emphasizes on the issues of obesity and body positivity. Shira describes herself on her Instagram profile, and she shares her experience and knowledge to spread awareness on various topics related to it. Along with this, she also encourages other individuals regarding obesity and body positivity.

3. @tiffanyima

This account is an example of a builder, communicator, and story-sharing woman struggling with an eating disorder. Her Instagram profile features various infographics, inspiring quotes, and stories of her own experiences that will move you.

Tiffany Ima's story focuses on her battle with an eating disorder. For over 15 years, she has struggled with eating disorders. Even though she is a fit and attractive model, she was not in control of her body. However, she has done the hard work of dealing with her eating disorder to support herself on this journey and is now striving to help others.

On her Instagram account, she not only shares her own situation but has also created a supportive community. She inspires people to promote body positivity and self-love. Her fans can be inspired by her helpful opinions about courage and boldness.

4. @laura.iu

Laura's posts are filled with inspiring, often humorous photos of herself. She has created a beautiful, positive space for people to feel happy and accepted with one another, not make comparisons. Her messaging is about accepting herself and reassuring others that every body is worthy, important, and deserving of love.

She encourages people to accept and respect their bodies, no matter what size, weight or color they are. She believes that our bodies are part of our identity and we should treat them with love. She has made her account a safe space where people can feel comfortable sharing their feelings and inspire each other.

5. @louisegreen_bigfitgirl

Louise Green is a body-positive blogger and her Instagram account @louisegreen_bigfitgirl motivates women around the world. She has written a book called “Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have” and by sharing her experiences she shows that fitness doesn’t require you to be skinny. She inspires her followers to be healthy and strong.

6. @scarrednotscared

This makes her a prominent messenger for body-positivity. Michelle shares her personal stories with her followers with honesty and openness. On her Instagram page, she openly talks about her surgeries, spreading the message of acceptance and ownership of her body.

In addition, Michelle shares with her followers what body positivity is and how to love and accept their bodies. She openly talks about obstacles, frustrations, and natural shame through her Instagram posts. She has inspired her followers to grow up and understand the importance of accepting and respecting their bodies.

7. @kelvindavis

You will fall in love with the style of model, activist and influencer Kelvin Davis. Kelvin is an author who has turned his blog into an award-winning book and a social media empire. On his Instagram, he inspires men to embrace, understand and appreciate their bodies.

8. @​​alissarumseyrd

This account is one of the main accounts of Alyssa Rumsey, author of the book “Unapologetic Eating”. As a dietitian, she shares information and tips on overcoming obesity and accepting your body. The inspirational quotes on her Instagram account will inspire you to improve your body image.

9. @jill_grun

Run by Jill Grun, this account encourages you to accept yourself and appreciate your body. Jill bills herself as a “fat positive writer in Cleveland” and uses her Instagram account to share her art to promote acceptance of all individuals’ bodies.

In her book, “Running with a Police Escort: Tales from the Back of the Pack,” she shares how she became a runner and how she found the happiness she never knew she had.

Jill Grun's words on Instagram are amazing. They inspire you to be happy with your body types, big and small. On her Instagram account, you'll find her professional shoots, workout videos, and healthy lifestyle tips. The inspiring captions she posts will give you a boost of confidence and remind you that you are beautiful in every situation.

10. @ragenchastain

There is one Instagram account you should definitely follow. She is well-known in her field as a dancer and health coach. Through her Instagram account, she expresses strong views on fat-shaming people and promotes the importance of body-positivity and a healthy lifestyle.

Reign is open about her struggles and encourages people to recognize and accept their strengths. She strives to make her Instagram account a safe and empathetic space where everyone can connect with an open mind and support each other.

On this account, Regan encourages you to think about the culture that stigmatizes fat people. She brings awareness to the situation of how our attitudes and society's human beliefs impact a person's body shape. Regan is active in the fight against fat phobia and encourages people to provide support in this fight.


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