140 km long outer ring road will be built in MP, 1131.10 hectares of land of 64 villages will be acquired

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Mr Jorunalist News Land acquisition: The people of Madhya Pradesh have got a big start of six lane highway. NHAI has also made complete preparations for the six lane highway to be built in Madhya Pradesh. The work on this 140 kilometer long and 80 meter wide six lane outer ring road to be built in Madhya Pradesh will be started in the next two months. 

National Highway Authority of India will build this six lane highway. For this six lane highway, land of villages of Indore, Dhar, Dewas districts is to be acquired. This ring road will prove to be important for Indore in Madhya Pradesh. 64 villages of Indore district will come under its purview.

This ring will be built under Bharat Mala Project, starting from Khandwa (ahead of Rau Bypass toll post) on NH-52 and going through Betma, Shipra, Double Chowki, Simrol till Bharadala village near Khandwa. It will include 64 villages of Indore district. 26 villages are in Western Bypass and 38 villages are in Eastern Bypass. 

1131.10 hectares of land is to be acquired. This includes 41.81 hectares of forest area. 7480 trees will be cut for this ring road. NHAI estimates that 1.59 lakh trees will be planted in their place. This corridor will pass through four rivers Gambhir, Saraswati, Shipra and Tincha.

Project worth Rs 5.5 crore,

140 km long,
80 meter wide,
08 major bridges,
45 small bridges and

166 box crossings will also be built

Environmental training: Rs 7 lakh
Air, water, soil, and noise monitoring: Rs 2.20 crore
Dust abatement: Rs 1.09 crore
Disposal of C&D waste and bituminous scrap: Rs 12.91 crore
Planting of trees: Rs 40 lakh
Maintenance of plants: Rs 20 lakh
Ornamental plantation: Rs 20 lakh
Planting of shrubs and laying of grass carpet: Rs 15 crore
Cost of forest clearance: Rs 10 lakh
Provision of hoarding posters: Not available Cost
of health check-up: Not available
Safety material for labourers: Rs 2.60 crore
Rain water harvesting structure


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