Bank Locker Rules: Big news for bank locker holders, now they will get this many times more compensation, RBI has issued new rules

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Bank Locker Rules: Nowadays, almost everyone considers it safe to keep their valuables in a bank locker. Due to this, let us tell you that RBI has implemented new rules in which now bank locker holders will get this many times more compensation. This is going to be a big benefit for you. So let's know the complete information about these rules in detail in the news below-

Most banks in the country provide locker facilities to customers to keep their valuables. (Bank Locker Rules) In return, banks charge rent from customers which varies from bank to bank.

It is often seen that due to some reason the items kept in the bank locker go missing. How much compensation will the customers get in case of this? Let us know what are the rules regarding this.

It is the responsibility of the bank to ensure that the bank locker works properly and is completely safe. In such a situation, if your locker is damaged due to the negligence of the bank, the bank will be responsible for it and you will be given appropriate compensation.

At the same time, if your belongings go missing from your bank locker due to theft, robbery or building collapse, then as per the rules, the bank will give you 100 times the amount of the locker rent as compensation.

For example, if the rent of your lock is Rs.3,000, then in case of loss of items from bank locker due to theft, robbery and building collapse, you will be given Rs.3,00,000 as compensation.

According to the information given on the SBI website, it is the responsibility of the branch to ensure that no incident of theft, robbery or building collapse takes place in the bank premises.

At the same time, if the items go missing from the locker in the bank premises due to the reasons mentioned above or due to fraud on the part of the employee, the bank will compensate the customer with 100 times the amount of the locker rent.

What happens if the locker is inactive?

If a customer has taken a locker on rent and the rent is also being paid on time, but the locker has not been opened for more than seven years. In such a situation, the bank will consider the locker inactive. Then the nominee and legal heir will be called and the contents of the locker will be transferred in a transparent manner .


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