Farmers are happy, now they will earn from solar plants along with farming, their income will double

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Farming is a major source of income for farmers. To make farming successful, farmers try many ways so that they can earn more money at once. In this episode today we will talk about how farmers can earn double from the same farm. 

Let's know how. Actually there are many crops that need shade. In such a situation, farmers can double their income by installing solar plants in the fields to provide shade to the crops.

Government is giving benefits

Bihar State Electricity Generation Company has started the process of solarizing agricultural and mixed feeders from a total of 1235843 power substations connected to power plants in Bihar under the PM Kusum Yojana. 

Under this scheme, farmers or firms can install solar power plants to energize the feeders according to the load present in the agricultural feeders within a radius of about five kilometers of these 843 power substations. Under this, farmers can lease or rent their land to install solar plants. They can build an elevated structure on their land and install solar plants on top and do farming below.

According to the company, in this scheme, a financial criterion of minimum net worth of at least Rs 1 crore 5 lakh per megawatt has been kept for the commercial company. 

But farmers, groups of farmers, cooperatives, panchayats, farmer producer organizations, water consumer associations, self-help groups can also participate without any technical or financial criteria. If farmers participate in this scheme, they will have to pay only Rs 1 lakh as EMD for each megawatt.

What is PM Kusum Yojana?

To overcome the problems of farmers in the agricultural sector, the government has started the PM Kusum Yojana, under which farmers are given money to install solar pumps in their fields. Under this scheme, the government gives a subsidy of 90% on solar pumps ranging from 2 horsepower to 5 horsepower. 

The central government has set a target of providing the benefit of PM Kusum Yojana to 35 lakh farmers. In such a situation, if you are a farmer and want to get solar pumps installed in your fields, then you have to apply online. To avail this scheme, you have to fulfill some necessary qualifications set by the government, such as there should be ownership of agricultural land.

How to get its benefit

One can apply for PM Kusum Yojana through both online and offline methods. This scheme is for setting up a solar power plant and leasing out the land. The list of all the applicants registered for leasing out the land will be displayed by RREC on the official website. 

All the citizens who want to lease out land to build a solar power plant can get the list of applicants on the RREC website and can apply for setting up the plant by contacting the registered applicants.


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