Government changes decision in Bihar, college students will not go to school for 12th studies

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Mr journalist News: Loss Education Department has given big relief to the students studying intermediate in degree colleges of the state. 

The Education Department has decided in the interest of the students that from March 21, all the degree colleges where students enrolled in class 11th are studying will also have to be included as an option. 

So that students can succeed in class 11th annual examination and study in class 12th in the same degree college. This decision has been taken for the academic session 2023–25.

Got the option to study in college

This decision was taken in a meeting held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Director of Secondary Education Kanhaiya Lal Srivastava. 

According to the official letter issued after the meeting, the decision for enrollment in class 11th for the academic session 2023-25 ​​in degree colleges (constituent, affiliated, minority) of the state and enrollment in class 12th after the completion of the annual examination will be taken on March 21. 

Was made live on OFSS portal. The students of class 11th enrolled in those degree colleges have been given the option to study in the same college after passing the examination on the portal made live in the above situation. .

Deputy Chief Minister had given assurance

Inter level studies in many degree colleges in the state have currently ended from the academic session 2024–26. This decision has been taken after discussing with the officials of Bihar School Examination Committee, during the academic session 2023-25, the students enrolled in class 11th in various category degree colleges of the state will be enrolled in class 12th. 

Teaching arrangements. The girl students first gathered outside the BJP office also. He received assurance from Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary. Later the students came back.

Inter students have been given the choice of enrollment

Bihar Education Minister Sunil Kumar said that more effective programs will be implemented in the interest of students in the state. So that they can get good education in schools. He said that the entire focus of the department will be on accelerating student-centric work. 

The standard of education in Bihar should be high at all times. Regarding the dissatisfaction of the students studying Intermediate in colleges, the Education Minister made it clear that the Cabinet has taken the decision after careful consideration. 

In this context, a challenge has been given to enroll children in school. This is why they should enroll in the school of their choice. The Education Minister said that the state government will provide all possible help to improve higher education. Our aim to improve the education system is clear.


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