Industrial corridor will be built in this city of UP, government is acquiring land

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Mr Journalist News, UP News: UP has the most highways in the country. There are a total of 14 expressways here. Many will be ready in the coming days, many of which are still a matter of discussion. Out of this, today we are going to talk about Ganga Expressway. 

In which 249 farmers have given the deed of 98.20 hectares of land to the district administration in the process started to build an industrial corridor along the Ganga Expressway. 

Also, the administration has sent Rs 200 crore as compensation to the bank account of the farmers, which has been sent in exchange for the land. But the increasing excitement in the Lok Sabha elections is also affecting the acquisition process. No land deed has been done last week.

213 hectares of land is being acquired in the villages of Bijauli and Kharkhauda to build a road along the Ganga Expressway. 98.20 hectares of land has been acquired rapidly. While the administration has sent Rs 200 crore to the bank accounts of 48 farmers as compensation for land exchange.

No deed was done in the last week

So far, the fastest land acquisition has been done in Meerut to develop the industrial corridor. But due to the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections, the acquisition process is also getting affected and no deed has been done for the last one week.

To build the industrial corridor, land of 825 farmers will be acquired in both the villages, said Tehsildar Shailendra Kumar. 98.20 hectares of land has been purchased so far through 64 deeds. The remaining land will be acquired soon. The farmers are ready to give their land.


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