Ola-uber Cab: Trouble for Ola-Uber users, this facility has been discontinued

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If you book a cab or bike from Ola, Uber and Rapido to go to office, then this information is very important for you. All three companies have stopped paying for rides from their app wallets. Now you will not get the option to pay for your ride from Ola, Uber or Rapido wallet. (Ola-uber Cab)

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The companies have found this way to simplify their services and save taxes. Actually, auto drivers providing services on Ola or Uber had started moving to apps like Namma Yatri.

To stop this migration, the companies have made this move. Apart from this, to save GST, the companies have now stopped payment through wallet. Instead, now the payment will have to be made directly to the driver after the ride.

This means that the money in the wallet cannot be used to book a ride. Some companies have started giving an option in which paying through the wallet costs more money and paying directly to the driver costs less.

Pay by Cash or UPI

Those who use the app will know that till now they used to pay for the ride through options like Ola Money, Uber Cash and Rapido Wallet, but now the driver will be paid through UPI or cash. After the ride is completed, whatever fare is shown on the app, it can be paid to the driver in cash or UPI payment option will be available.

There is a Jugaad to save tax

According to Moneycontrol, a top executive of the company said that this is completely a market game. If we provide a feature that gives the option of payment directly to the driver,

It also saves taxes. This tax saving will benefit the driver as well as the company. If the ride becomes cheaper, customers will be more attracted and business will grow.

Now you will not get commission on every ride

Ola, Uber and Rapido have not only made changes for the users but have also made a big change for the drivers. The companies have said that now instead of paying commission on every ride, the driver will also be paid on the subscription model. The companies say that other service providers in the field are working on this model, so we should also shift to it .


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