Property: In these areas of India, you cannot buy even an inch of land even by paying crores of rupees

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Mr Journalist News: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami's government is preparing to amend the land law. It is being told that after these amendments it will become difficult for people from other states to buy land in Uttarakhand. First of all, in 2003, the then Chief Minister ND Tiwari amended the land law and allowed people from other states to buy up to 500 square meters of land in the hilly areas. 

Later, the BJP government under the leadership of former CM BC Khanduri reduced this limit to 250 square meters. Let us tell you that Uttarakhand is not the only state where people from outside states cannot buy land. Many states of the country are included in this.

Himachal Pradesh is also included in the states where people from outside the state are banned from buying land. In Himachal Pradesh, people from outside the state are not allowed to buy property in hilly areas. Actually, this restriction was implemented after Section 118 of the Land Act of 1972 came into effect. According to Section 118 of Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, no non-farmer or resident of outside state can buy agricultural land in Himachal Pradesh. Not only this, local people cannot transfer land to people from outside the state even through a will.

How to buy land in Himachal

However, there are procedures in place under Section 118, which allows an out-of-state person to purchase both land and property in Himachal Pradesh after requesting official consent. Let us tell you that the word land here means cultivable land in possession or given on lease. 

A person from outside the state will have to submit an application to purchase land. In this he will have to give the reason for what purpose he is buying the land. The state government takes the decision after examining and confirming all the information provided by the applicant.

Cannot buy property in Sikkim

In Sikkim, only Sikkimese people can buy and sell land. Article 371F of the Constitution provides privileges to Sikkim. This article prohibits the sale and purchase of agricultural land or property in Sikkim to outsiders. Not only this, only tribals can buy agricultural land and property in the tribal areas of Sikkim. 

In Sikkim, only local people are allowed to buy immovable property. At the same time, only tribals of Sikkim can buy immovable property in tribal areas. However, outsiders can purchase agricultural land for industrial building construction.

It is impossible to buy land in Arunachal

Even in Arunachal Pradesh, people from outside the state are not allowed to buy property. But, agricultural land can be transferred in the state after government permission. Arunachal Pradesh got Article 371A as a privilege when it became a state in 1963. According to this, outsiders are not allowed to buy land in the state. Apart from this, there are many rules and regulations related to buying and selling of property in Mizoram, Meghalaya and Manipur also.

No exemption for purchasing property in Shillong

In Arunachal Pradesh, transfer of land belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Backward Class community is prohibited through Section 46. However, such land can be given to neighbors and people living in the same police station area through a will. Even in Shillong, outsiders have not been allowed to buy property. There are many rules and regulations due to which even residents of the North-East cannot buy land in each other's state.


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