Disadvantages of desi liquor: What are the disadvantages of drinking desi liquor, 99 percent people do not know this

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Digital Desk New Delhi, The number of alcohol drinkers in India is in crores. These also include those people who consume raw liquor and poisonous liquor in rural areas. According to media reports, on an average 1200 people die every year in India due to drinking poisonous liquor. This number of people dying due to drinking poisonous liquor is very worrying for the government and administration as well as the common people.

To know the truth about poisonous liquor, it is very important for you to know that ordinary raw liquor or country liquor is not very dangerous but in an attempt to make it more intoxicating, it is made poisonous.

These things are added to make liquor more intoxicating. According to a report by BBC Hindi, ordinary country liquor is made from jaggery and molasses. However, to make it more intoxicating, urea and besrambel leaves are also added to it. After mixing urea and besrambel leaves in ordinary country liquor, it provides more intoxication for a long time.

Along with this it also becomes poisonous. It has been said in the report that to intensify the effect of alcohol, oxytocin is also added to it, due to which people die.

Methyl alcohol becomes the biggest cause of death. In the study conducted on oxytocin, it has been said that along with making one impotent, it can also badly affect the nervous system. Besides this, it can also cause severe burning sensation in the eyes and stomach. Not only this, it can also destroy eyesight forever.

It has been said in the report that due to mixing of dangerous things like urea and oxytocin in ordinary country liquor, it turns into methyl alcohol, due to which people die. Regarding methyl alcohol, scientists say that it reacts very fast after entering the body. Due to this, many organs of the body stop functioning which leads to death.

The most important symptom of poisonous liquor is blindness. The report states that country liquor contains up to 95 percent pure alcohol, which is called ethanol. Ethanol is mainly made from sugarcane juice, glucose, Mahua, potato, rice, barley, maize. But, to make it more intoxicating, methanol is added to it,

Which becomes the main cause of death. Only after adding methanol, ordinary ethyl alcohol becomes dangerous and deadly methyl alcohol. After drinking it, one feels blindness, which is the first and most important symptom of poisonous alcohol.


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