Haryana News: Left studies and started yellow watermelon farming, today earning worth lakhs

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Mr journalist news , Digital Desk- New Delhi: Farmer Ramchandra of Raipur, Sirsa is earning lakhs of rupees by preparing sweet yellow watermelons from Israel.

You can also do yellow watermelon farming, leave your BA studies midway and start planting vegetables.

The government helps farmers to increase their income. But many farmers become millionaires by doing farming in their own way to increase their income. One such progressive farmer is Ramchandra, a farmer from village Raipur in Sirsa district of Haryana, who left his BA studies midway. 

After this, in the year 2016, he planted vegetables in one acre of land and sold them. Meanwhile, it was learned about the watermelon planted by Muralidhar, a resident of Dhukda village. The work of planting watermelons on this started in the year 2020. 

After this, Israel's yellow watermelon variety came to light. Now he is earning a lot of profit by planting this variety. That means the farmer became a millionaire in a short time.

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Progressive farmer Ramchandra is preparing and selling yellow watermelons from Israel every year. This is where the progressive farmer has made his mark.

Farmer Ramchandra Bainiwal has planted yellow watermelon in his field. These watermelons are also becoming the center of attraction among the people. The special thing is that people are purchasing watermelon from the farm itself. People also like its taste very much.

Yellow watermelon is being sold for Rs 40

Let us tell you that generally the price of watermelon is currently being sold at Rs 10 per kg. Whereas Ramchandra is selling special variety of watermelon prepared by Israel at the rate of Rs 40 per kg. 

According to farmer Ramchandra, the taste of yellow watermelon is better than red watermelon and it is sweeter. The color of watermelon is green from outside but it turns yellow and red from inside. 

Farmer Ramchandra told that along with yellow watermelon, green chilli, zucchini, cucumber, brinjal, lady's finger, tar and muskmelon have been cultivated.



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