Haryana Roadways bus burnt in the middle of the road, had left for Delhi from Chandigarh

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Mr Journalist News : A big update has come out in Haryana. The roadways bus had left from Chandigarh for Gurgaon. Suddenly the tire of the bus burst and it caught fire. A massive fire broke out when a tire of a Gurugram Roadways bus parked empty on the Baldi bypass on the highway burst. 

Immediately the fire spread in the bus. The driver and conductor parked the bus on the roadside and went to the nearby Tata company. Neeraj, the bus driver, told that we were going from Chandigarh to Gurugram. There was a problem with the pressure brake of the bus in Shahbad. Then we contacted our mechanic.

We dropped all the passengers before Karnal Nilokheri and took the bus slowly till outside Karnal new bus stand. As soon as the operator entered the bus stand, the rear tire of the bus burst, causing a huge fire in the bus. 

The entire bus was burnt. It is unfortunate that there was no one on the bus when the accident occurred. Neeraj, the driver, said the tire of the bus burst and a massive fire broke out.


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