Indian Railway: Now the poor will be able to take a royal ride in this train, the government is making these preparations

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Mr Journalist News (Indian Railway News): These days, many schemes are being run for the welfare of the poor in the country and many works are being done along with this. 

This also includes the work of changing the shape of the Gramin Rath Express. In 2006, former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav started the Garib Rath Express to provide travel to the poor at the same price. Now a plan is being made to install LHB coaches with state-of-the-art German technology in this train.

Cheap chariot for the poor

Garib Rath Express is also a train that provides cheap travel to the poor. In 2006, former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav inaugurated Garib Rath. Now, LHB coaches with state-of-the-art German technology will be installed in this train. Well, the Railway Ministry has decided to install AC 3 economy coaches in it. These coaches built on LHB platform have a provision of eight berths.

need to change box

At present, Garib Rath has ICF coaches. The age of these steel coaches is about 20 years. Garib Rath Express trains started in 2006. That means the time has come to replace these coaches. Railway Board has now decided to install AC 3 economy coaches built on LHB platform in Garib Rath trains. It is worth mentioning that at present 26 Garib Rath trains are running across the country.

First the coaches of nine Garib Raths will be replaced

According to media reports, coaches of nine Garib Rath trains will be replaced in the first phase. The Railway Board said that 50 AC 3 economy coaches have been allowed to be given to North Eastern Railway and 50 new coaches to North Western Railway. Old coaches will be removed from Garib Rath Express as new coaches arrive.

Will the fare increase with the arrival of new coaches?

Here the question arises whether the fare of this train will increase when new LHB coaches will be installed in Garib Rath? Railway Board officials replied to this that even after the change of coaches of Garib Rath Express, the fare will be charged at the old rates. The fare of this train will not change in any way.

Inconvenience in old coaches of Gramin Rath

The aim of the Railway Ministry was to reduce the fare when the coaches of Garib Rath Express were built. Therefore, an attempt was made to put as many berths as possible in it. 

Thus, a middle berth was installed in the side berth. This was opposed a lot by the middle class passengers. But the Garib Rath Express train is still running. Now efforts are being made to add new coaches in it, this will help the passengers get rid of the side middle berth.


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