Some Facts About The Curvy Instagram Model Venezia Cruz

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Mr Journalist News, Venezia has a very impressive social media presence. Her Instagram account has more than 1 million followers, which shows her popularity. Her photographs and videos have made her a big star and she gets the opportunity to work with various brands.

Venezia Cruz is known for her fashion shoots and has worked with many big brands, such as the plus size fashion brand “Tory Burch” and “American Eagle Outfitters”. She has been working hard to achieve success as an independent and is now considered an idol on Instagram.

Venezia's peers admire her for her boldness, confidence, and open-mindedness. Her social media posts are visually striking and inspire people to accept their bodies and be happy with them.

Some things related to Venezia Cruises

  • Venezia Cruz, a prominent Instagram model, is a young and impressive personality. She was born into an American family in San Diego, California, where she spent most of her childhood. Venezia Cruz was born on February 14, 1998, and she is currently 23 years old. Her astrological sign is Aquarius. Moreover, she has Latin roots based on her surname and physiognomy.
  • Venezia Cruz has quickly made an impact on Instagram and her beauty and style are being talked about. She has millions of followers on her Instagram account and her Instagram stories and posts are full of her entrepreneurial attitude and freshness.
  • Venezia Cruz's Latin roots and her beautiful voluptuous body make her stand out in the international modeling scene. The experience she offers has earned her recognition as a brand ambassador and fashion icon. Her beauty, alluring eyes, and statement-defining face have made her an alluring figure.

  • With the identity of Venezia’s parents being unknown, it seems that she prefers to keep her private life separate from her career. It is evident from the fact that she has decided to hide her hobbies from those closest to her.
  • Venezia's modeling journey began in high school when she attempted to find herself through modeling. However, her curvy figure made her feel hesitant about the field. With a gorgeous complexion, glamorous international personality, and great style, Venezia slowly began to accept herself and discover her inner charisma and strength.
  • Venezia's success has proven that she is an inspiration to women. She resolved to change and accept herself, and as a result she is at the top of the modeling industry today. Today, she is enjoying the independence to pursue her dreams in New York City.
  • Before becoming active on Instagram since 2013, Venezia embraced life as a new medium. Since then, she ventured into modeling in 2015 and achieved great success. Her talent and unique colorful personality have made her a prominent name in the Brazilian fashion industry.

Venezia Cruz is a curvy Instagram model who is making herself famous worldwide for her beauty, fashion ideologies and women empowerment. She has modeled with many well-known brands like Babes and Felines, Fashion Nova Curve, boohoo, reb dolls, Shein Official, Pretty Little Thing, Naughty Gal, Abercrombie, Under Armour Women, etc.

She is also the brand ambassador of Fabletics and Fashion Nova Curve. Additionally, Venezia Cruz is attracting more than 604 K followers on her self-titled Instagram account due to her attractive figure and ideal fashion.

Venezia Cruz is a woman who believes in body positivity and encourages women empowerment. She loves posting stunning photos and video clips on her social media accounts. She inspires people to accept themselves, have self-respect, and love themselves. Her natural beauty and style are loved by people and her Instagram posts go viral.

Venezia Cruz also has a passion for traveling and shopping. She enjoys traveling around the world and exploring new places. She gets the unique opportunity to build trust and relationships with different countries, cities, and cultures.

Venezia Cruz's story began in her high school days, when she signed her first contract with Natural Models LA. She developed confidence in her figure during her long time at Natural Models LA, which quickly gained her popularity on Instagram. Venezia Cruz's short self description says, "I love myself, accept myself, and am ready to share my true happiness with the world."

All these facts about Venezia Cruz prove that she is a strong woman who accepts herself, believes in body positivity and inspires others to accept the same qualities. The secret of her success lies in her unique style, beauty and self-esteem.

Venezia, who is already a curvy Instagram model, decided to bring freshness to her new foray into the fashion industry. She began working with Fashion Nova's brand in 2018, which is known for budget fashion. Venezia has gained recognition for her beautiful body and keen eye, which has helped her charm the faces of Cardi B and other major Fashion Nova brands. She has gained recognition for her curvy collection, and has also been the face of Forever 21 for their plus-size collection.

Venezia has created a platform for Vaishali women by sharing mutual aid. She has started a movement of acceptance and is speaking up to raise awareness in the ever-changing fashion industry. With her dedication, she is striving to provide opportunities for advancement to people by offering a wide range of options.

The facts about Venezia are not only about her interesting career but also reveal that she has firmly established herself in the fashion industry. Venezia Cruz has created an inspirational story with her unique figure and voice that has influenced people's entertainment. With her success being an amazing example, Venezia holds a prominent place as an example in the fashion industry.

In early 2019, Venezia achieved another significant success when she became the new face of Volcom's line for plus-size women. The renowned streetwear and outdoor clothing brand chose the perfect figure to market its products to the curvy body type.

As we know, Venezia Cruz is currently single and is completely focused on her modeling career. She has made her mark in her stunning and confident movement despite being a normal-sized woman. Due to her empowerment message and growing fan following, she has gained a special place on social media.

Venezia Cruz's modeling career is constantly growing with her strong will, dedication and updated techniques. She has worked strategically to achieve her dreams and has given importance to her personal development. She has established new and ideal establishments to encourage otherwise attitudes in supply and business.


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