Tea Price: Now inflation is eyeing tea sips too, the price has increased by this much

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Breaking News, Digital Desk-  Tea Price Soaring: Monsoon has made food and drinks expensive this time. On the one hand, the prices of vegetables are rising, on the other, the price of tea has also picked up pace. Sipping tea in the rain gives a strange solace. The togetherness of both is so deep. 

But now sipping tea is getting expensive. The reason for this is the increase in its price. (reason of tea price hike) Actually, for some time now, there has been a decrease in the production of tea due to which the price of tea is increasing. According to the Tea Board, the price of tea is increasing by 20% year after year.

Decrease in tea production

For your information, let us tell you that for some time now, there has been a decrease in the production of tea. Due to this, people associated with this industry are upset. Since there is a decrease in production, it is obvious that the price will increase. The reason is the constant demand. 

According to an expert associated with the industry, there was a significant increase in the temperature in May, due to which the weather was very hot. 

Due to this heat, the tea crop has been damaged. The floods that followed have increased the problem further. Due to these two main reasons, the production of tea in Assam is decreasing very much (Tea production is very less in 2024).

Tea production decreased by 30 percent

Let us tell you that this time in May, the production has decreased by 30 percent as compared to last year. In May last year, the tea production was around 910 lakh kilos (tea production in last year). This year's production is the lowest in the last decade. On the other hand, the government has banned 20 pesticides. Due to this also, the production of tea has decreased.

The state of Assam is badly affected by floods this monsoon

Although the rains after the heat in June had increased the tea production to some extent, but the floods spoiled everything. 

Assam is badly affected by the floods at this time. More than 50 percent of the country's total tea production is produced in the north-eastern region of Assam. More than 20 lakh people of this area have been affected by the floods here at this time.

The price has increased so much

Due to decrease in tea production, the price of tea has increased. In June, the price of tea has increased by an average of about 218 rupees per kg. This is about 20 percent more than last year. 

It is believed that the production of tea is highest in July, but the rain has spoiled a lot of the crop. This year the production of tea is estimated to be less by 150 to 200 kg. It is believed that this year the price of tea may increase by 16 to 20 percent.


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