Uncle used to tease his wife, after 22 years the husband did this...

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Mr Journalist News, Rajasthan News: The police in Baran, Rajasthan, while investigating a blind murder mystery, has made a shocking revelation. The police say that the nephew of the deceased, who has been burning with the fire of revenge for the last 22 years, has committed this murder. The deceased used to tease the wife of the accused. He suspected that there was an illicit relationship between them.

Baran district's Superintendent of Police Raj Kumar Chaudhary said that on Monday afternoon, a half-burnt body of a man was found in a field in the Sadar police station area. A burnt motorcycle was also found near the body. After police investigation, the dead man was identified as Phoolchand Mali (50), a resident of Bamla village.

The SP said that a forensic team along with a dog squad was also sent to collect evidence from the crime scene. The police then started questioning the villagers and technical investigation. 

On Wednesday, a police team led by sub-inspector Chhuttan Lal Meena unraveled the reason behind the murder. The deceased's nephew Radheshyam Mali (42) was arrested in the case. The police were also surprised by what Radheshyam revealed during interrogation in police custody.

The accused, Radheshyam, said that he wanted to take revenge on his uncle for the last 22 years. He suspected that his uncle and his wife had an illicit relationship. 

He saw his uncle with his wife repeatedly. At that time, he could not do anything to him, but was waiting for an opportunity. Last Saturday, he invited his uncle to his house on the pretext of some guests coming.

When he came home, he treacherously killed his uncle. His body and the motorcycle were then taken to a field and burnt. The mother of the deceased Phoolchand Mali had already suspected Radheshyam Mali. 

The sub-inspector said that the burn marks on Phoolchand's face confirmed the suspicion. When the accused was arrested and questioned rigorously, he confessed to his crimes. An investigation has begun in the case.


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